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  • Green Dream

    What if you developed a chemical process whereby you could coat material for as little as one-third the cost of the standard coating while getting three times as much corrosion resistance and oh, by the way, it’s environmentally friendly?

    Source: Modern Metals
  • Pressure Points

    When we switch on a light, turn up the heat or fill our gas tank, how often do we think about how the energy got there?

    Source: Modern Metals
  • Strong Chemistry

    From critical components in military aircraft to bridge decks to 3D-printed inserts, nanocrystalline steel (NCS) is moving quickly from the laboratory to the manufacturing floor—as quickly, at least, as development companies can push qualification trials.

    Source: American Metal Market
  • Reclaiming Resources

    When trees change color and crisp temperatures bring about earlier evenings, many bow hunting enthusiasts gear up for deer hunting. They will set up trail cameras or prepare by scouting during the preseason. Then they wait.

    Source: Modern Metals